Yla Studios

Yla Studios is the home of producer/mixer/songwriter Amir Aly, situated right in the heart of Skåne/Sweden.

The studio is based around a ProTools HD system, yet with a traditional approach to the recording & mixing process. The main room is quite spacious (about 100 m²) with approximately 4 meters to the ceiling and well connected to a tight-sounding medium sized iso-booth.

If you want to record your music live, with a bunch of musicians - that's fine. If you just want to record your vocals to a fully programmed backingtrack - well that's fine too. Loads of instruments & toys, a kitchen and also your choice of well-renowned studio-musicians, all at your disposal.

Any possible way that brings out the best in your creative mind, will be the way you work at Yla Studios!

Don't hesitate to e-mailinfo@ylastudios.com for more detailed information.


Jan Johansen -

Jan Johansen - "The Words I Left Unspoken"

A brand new single from Jan Johansen! "The Words I Left Unspoken" is produced & mixed by Amir Aly. 
Olof Wallberg -

Olof Wallberg - "Good Morning"

The next single from Olof Wallberg is out! "Good Morning" is produced by Carl-Johan Fogelklou (Mando Diao) & Olof and mixed by …

Olof Wallberg - "It All"

"It All" is the solo debut from Olof Wallberg (The Men, Colubrids, Varanteatern). Produced by Carl-Johan Fogelklou (Mando Diao) & Olof …

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